It can be stressful when business professionals have to attend to everyday business activities, implement different strategies, manage a team, and achieve set goals. Often, it sounds like too much work to be done by one professional, right? Wrong! This is exactly where a business administrator is able to thrive and to offer their expertise to the business.

So, if you consider yourself to be an organised and motivated person, and if you are interested in a successful career in business administration, this blog post has you covered!

Let’s look at the essential tips you can use in the business admin environment:

Manage your time effectively:

Time management is essential in the business world. Leaving any projects until the last minute could cause issues and meltdowns. Projects that are well managed and executed result from thorough planning and time management.

Tip: Give every project a deadline, and set clear expectations for all participants.

Communicate professionally:

Successful communication is central to the success of any business activity. For example, you need to be able to communicate goals and expectations if you want them to be met. Effective communication also helps foster team spirit and effective collaboration.

In addition, the way people communicate indicates their level of professionalism. Effective and professional communication is especially important in a business administration role, where you are expected to manage general activities, interact with people across all levels of an organisation, apply new technologies, and introduce new strategies into the workplace.

Tip: Be clear and polite when communicating with fellow employees. Also make sure to double check and edit all communication thoroughly – from e-mails to memos and employee notes. Silly mistakes may make you look careless and unprofessional.

Record everything and back it up:

This is where a business administrator’s tech skills will be put to the test. An important part of a business administrator’s job includes keeping records of everything that happens in a business, as well as making sure that these records are kept in a secure place.

To carry out this role effectively, you need to understand the basic principles of electronic records management and information security, and you need to be familiar with the legal requirements for storing information.

Tip: Make it a habit to do back-ups of all your electronic files twice or three times a week, and make sure that your paperwork is organised and filed in a safe place.

Keep calm under pressure:

Business administration requires attention to detail, and if you are stressed out or in a panic, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to focus on the details.

Tip: The business environment is a high-pressure one, so equip yourself with techniques for staying calm under pressure – even if this means taking a stress management course.

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