The end of the year is fast approaching. While this is usually a joyful time of year, it often brings heightened stress levels due to unfinished work or worries about the next year.


Here are a few tips on how to end the year well:


1. Reflect

To move forward, we must look back.

Mark a few days or a weekend on your calendar that you will use specifically to look back at the year. Identify what went well and what went wrong, as well as how you can improve upon it. This will allow you to go into the next year with a renewed sense of purpose.


2. Decide

What should you finish now, and what can wait until next year?

Don’t get caught up in the end-of-year-craze that makes you feel as though you have to finish everything on your table. Some tasks are continuous, or not bound by a deadline, and can therefore wait until next year. Rather identify the tasks that absolutely cannot wait and focus on completing them. You will feel accomplished and will not return to work next year feeling so stressed.


3. Plan

Make a few plans for the next year.

We don’t want to think about next year – we only want to think about the holidays and all the fun socialising we’ll be doing. Take a few hours to think about what you will start with next year. This will allow you to start the new year without feeling rushed or uncertain about where to start.


4. Accept

Accept your mistakes and move on.

It is a fact of life that mistakes happen. While it can be difficult to admit to a mistake, or to accept the consequences of making a mistake, it is important to realise that carrying resentment in your heart will only hurt you. Rather accept what happened and let it go. Forgive yourself for your mistake, and forgive everyone else involved. This will allow you to enjoy your holidays without bitterness, and to return to work with a fresh perspective.


5. Purge

Let go of everything that you do not need anymore.

It never does any good to hang on to old items that don’t hold any value anymore. This can include clothes you haven’t worn for two seasons, people who haven’t spoken to you in years, photos of people you don’t remember anymore, books you have not read in years, printed documents or papers you don’t have any use for anymore, and so on. Donate usable items to a charitable organisation, and recycle what can be recycled. Getting rid of old things that weigh you down will leave you feeling light and free.


How will you be ending your year?

Let us know in the comments box below!