“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Marianne Williamson

The above quote, once understood, is an outline for the key to living a life wherein you unleash your fullest potential. This quote means that our greatest fear is not that we aren’t enough, but that we are, in fact, more than adequate. Once you realise that you have all the makings of success (and this means any and every one), there are no excuses left for underperforming or putting things off.
For students and those seeking to study, the biggest enemy is often self-doubt which leads to habits such as procrastination. Procrastination is the act of purposefully delaying a task (often something important like signing up for a course) because of the fear of failing at it.
If you are finding that the above paragraphs really speak to you, that’s okay – you are certainly not the only person putting off their future because you fear your own greatness.
However, it’s now time to remedy life’s hourglass by removing the quicksand of procrastination and replacing it with real-time potential and grit so that time stops idly passing you by.

How to Quickly Quit Being a Quitter

We all have goals that we want to achieve: this could be something as small as getting to bed earlier or something more ambitious such as completing a short course (or several). If you are finding that your own mind is your biggest obstacle on your path to success, below are some tips for those looking to overcome the inner quit:

  • Change your mindset – the brain is incredibly powerful and if you are feeding yourself negative commentary every day, your life will come to resemble this input. Adopting an “I won’t quit” mindset is the first step to achieving your goals.
  • See failure differently – remember, we all start somewhere, and very few people achieve their life’s goals on the first attempt. Failure is a steppingstone towards success so instead of shying away from it, see it as a lesson learnt on the path to victory!
  • Believe in yourself – without the needless sugar-coating, life is hard and often unfair – that is why we need to be our own biggest fans and advocates. People often opt to follow trends, not set them, so start the trend of believing in yourself and watch as others follow suit!

Fill Your Mind at Oxbridge Academy in a Most Mindful Way

You are as fantastic, stunning, fierce and courageous as you worry you are, and now it’s time to overcome this needless fear by choosing to study with Oxbridge Academy because we really care.