If you love writing, then you’ll be glad to know that there are various careers that offer opportunities for you to follow your passion every day. From the creative to the technical, the informative to the promotional – there are careers to fit every writing style. Here are 9 careers to consider:


Digital copywriter

A strong digital presence is an essential requirement for most modern-day businesses. As a digital copywriter, you’ll be tasked with writing captivating content for online platforms such as websites, blogs, and social media. With copywriters in demand across a variety of industries, you will be able to apply for a position in a field that you know you will enjoy writing about.


Advertising copywriter

If you have a flair for writing eye-catching and creative content, then you’ll be perfectly suited to a writing position within an advertising agency. As an advertising copywriter, you’ll be creating the headlines, catchphrases, and other copy that will attract customers to a particular product. You may be writing for television commercials, web advertisements, print media, social media, or outdoor media such as billboards or posters.


News journalist

News journalists have an exciting schedule of attending events, covering incidents as they happen, interviewing sources, and writing fact-based articles to inform the public. This important job is ideal for energetic, curious, and detail-oriented writers. There are journalism jobs available at newspaper agencies, online news websites, and broadcasters such as radio and television stations.


Magazine journalist

While news journalists are tasked to inform, magazine journalists have a responsibility to entertain. They often have a creative license to produce colourful, descriptive articles based on their experiences, which (depending on the magazine) could be travelling to an exotic destination, testing a new car, or uncovering stories relating to unique or well-known people.



If you’re a writer with an active imagination and a creative spirit, then this is a career that you should definitely consider. Writing for television series, theatre productions, movies, or radio plays, scriptwriters create characters, craft dialogue, and come up with an engaging plot for directors to work with. Successful scriptwriters can watch the written worlds they have created come to life!



If you have an interesting topic to write about, then you can potentially earn a living from writing about your experiences on a blog. Blogs with unique and well-written content can appeal to enough readers to attract the attention of advertisers, who will pay you to feature their advertisements on your page.


Communications officer

A communications officer (also often called a spokesperson), is tasked with communicating an organisation’s information to the public and media. They may be tasked with writing press releases, responding to media enquiries, handling public relations issues, giving interviews, and heading up press conferences. Communications officers are commonly found working in government departments, NGOs, and public companies.


Technical writer

A technical writing career is ideal for people who enjoy a technical, more academic style of writing. These writers often need to have thorough knowledge and expertise in a particular field, as they will be responsible for researching and writing technical articles, user manuals, or reports. They are often employed in fields related to science, engineering, technology, and education.


Editorial assistant

Magazines, newspapers, and websites may employ editorial assistants who work alongside editors to ensure that written content is accurate, well-structured, and free from grammar and spelling errors. They may also be tasked with coming up with ideas for articles, writing their own articles, and assisting the editor with any other tasks that may need to be completed. These professionals normally have some writing experience behind them.


Do any of these careers sound interesting to you?

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