One of Oxbridge Academy’s former Tourism students has just landed a dream job overseas! Yolanda Barkhuizen is a true role model for anyone who wants to make a success of themselves through distance learning. We spoke to Yolanda about how studying with Oxbridge Academy led to her finding a job as a travel operator in Canada.

Yolanda (36) was already working full-time at a travel company, but didn’t have the qualifications she wanted in order to further her career. She decided to look for distance learning courses which she could study while working.

“I Googled distance learning courses and came across Oxbridge Academy. The reviews looked good and they offered the courses I was looking for, so I enrolled with them,” says Yolanda.

Yolanda started with her National Certificate: N4 Tourism in 2017. Incredibly, just over a year and a half later, she had already completed her N4, N5 and N6 National Certificates in Tourism. She received distinctions for every single subject throughout her studies.

“Since I had already been working in the tourism industry for much longer than 18 months, I was then able to apply for my National Diploma in Tourism with the Department of Higher Education and Training, which I received this year,” Yolanda says.

Yolanda was happy to learn that in Canada, her national certificates were recognised as year-long qualifications of international standards.

“There are not many colleges that can offer distance learning courses which are internationally recognised like that. So that was huge for me. After completing N6 I had a three-year qualification behind my name that would be recognised in Canada.”

After receiving her National Diploma, Yolanda applied for a job as a travel operator in Toronto, Canada. She and her husband are emigrating to the country next year to allow Yolanda to pursue her dream.

Yolanda advises all distance learning students to stay motivated throughout their study journey and never put their goals on hold.

“If you’re sure about your decision and that this is what you want to do, then work hard at completing your courses as quickly as possible, but also to the best of your ability. If you want to go up to N6 level, then do not take a six-month break after completing your N4 or your N5. If you have the funds to enrol for the next course, then do so, because you don’t want to lose motivation,” she says.

Yolanda adds that the support provided by Oxbridge Academy helped her through her studies.

“Every time I phoned the college, the people were friendly, knowledgeable and able to assist me. When I arrived to write my exams at the college, everything was very easy. I was greeted warmly and everything was explained to me. So I was very happy with everything.”

Yolanda’s story proves that distance learning students can reach their dreams. Never underestimate yourself or think the time and effort is not worth it. Make the commitment and then don’t give up on you, because we won’t!

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