How often do you wake up and give thanks for your mind, body, and soul?

For many of us, a healthy, functional mind and body is something that we take for granted. We don’t take into account the miraculous transition that we make from sleep to wakefulness every, single day. We don’t see the abundant beauty in being able to look at squiggly, little characters on a page or screen and understand them as words because of our brains’ awesome capabilities.

When we get that raise at work or find ourselves falling in love, we’re quick to dish out the gratitude and thank our lucky stars for shining down on us. We forget that it’s because of the bare essentials like our bodies and brains that experiencing life is possible at all. Following this, we need to remember that it is only through the act of learning that we can really get busy living.

While education is our right and one that should be exercised by everyone, we need to remember to be grateful for the opportunity to learn.

Learn to Take the Opportunity

The education statistics in South Africa are unfortunately rather bleak, with an estimated 60% of South Africans dropping out of school before obtaining any qualification. With a penchant for little to no infrastructure, crowded classrooms, and students coming from areas where there are severe socioeconomic challenges, significant change to our educational status quo is required stat. 

With the emergence and massive growth of distance education, students (especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds) can now claim their constitutionally enshrined right to learn, and to learn properly.

There are institutions who make easy access to quality education and social investment a prerogative – take the prominent assisted distance learning college Oxbridge Academy, for example. For anyone reading this blog, the opportunity to learn to your heart’s content is only a few clicks away; all you need to do is reach out, take it, and remember to practice gratitude!

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