An au pair is someone who works abroad for a specific family, performing childcare services and sometimes also other household duties, such as: tidying up the house, cooking meals, and running errands.

Ashley, an au pair and lifestyle and travel blogger, says that “Every family is different. You might be in charge of anything from triplet infants to two teenage girls. While families in France must pay their au pairs a minimum of 80 euros a week, I have several friends who earn upwards of 1000 euros a month.”

Have a look at the infographic below to see what working as an au pair might entail:

Working as an Au Pair - Infographic

If you are able to maintain an open mind, working as an au pair can be a rewarding experience and can offer you many opportunities to develop self-discipline and gain independence.

If you are ready to immerse yourself in a completely different culture and would like to travel abroad while earning money, then studying an Au Pair  skills course at Oxbridge Academy will be a good way for you to prepare yourself for your new endeavour.


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