Marketing teams have a crucial role to play in coming up with the creative ideas and strategies needed to keep organisations thriving. Co-ordinating these activities is a challenging but exciting task, as you’ll find out in this overview of a day in the life of a marketing co-ordinator.


A marketing co-ordinator may be tasked with:


  • Assisting the marketing team with day-to-day marketing tasks.
  • Co-ordinating marketing projects and activities as requested.
  • Organising marketing communications such as flyers, brochures and branded merchandise.
  • Analysing sales data, market trends and competitor activity.
  • Researching and arranging marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Assisting with graphic design and image sourcing.
  • Updating website content and social media pages.
  • Keeping abreast of new technology that could improve a company’s marketing.


Note that your tasks as a marketing co-ordinator may vary greatly from company to company, depending on the type of industry, products and services, and target market.


A Typical Day for a Marketing Co-ordinator


A marketing co-ordinator’s job is particularly varied, so no two days are the same. There is no set schedule, but this is an example what a typical day may look like for you:


  • When you arrive at the office, you’ll normally catch up on emails and plan your schedule for the day. You may also have a meeting with the marketing manager and other team members to discuss any marketing projects and strategies.


  • Early in the day, you may want to tackle smaller tasks that can be ticked off your list. These could include making quick updates to website content or posting on social media pages.


  • Next, you can start focusing on the larger projects you’ve been tasked with. You may, for example, be assisting with the development of a marketing campaign that requires a number of steps to complete. Something like this normally involves intensive market research, and collaboration with the rest of the marketing team.


  • There may be various other important projects that you need to pay attention to. Perhaps you need to sit down with the graphic designer to discuss designs for new promotional material, or maybe you need to come up with creative ideas for blog content and press releases.


  • The marketing co-ordinator is often tasked with organising promotional events or expo presentations, so you may need to make contact with events managers and any other relevant stakeholders who are involved with the event. You’ll also usually attend the event.


  • You may also be tasked with taking photographs of staff, products and events, or with taking photographs and videos that can be used in promotional material.


  • Throughout the day, you’ll be constantly checking your emails for information about any new projects or tasks that the company needs you to take on. Some unanticipated tasks that require urgent attention may crop up at any point.


  • You’ll also be staying in contact with other members of the marketing team to report on progress, discuss ideas and collaborate on projects.


  • At the end of the day, you can complete any other tasks, such as analysing marketing data, researching trends, or reviewing your company’s social media pages.


Marketing co-ordinators are an integral part of every marketing team. If you’re creative, have strong organisational skills and aspire to be a marketing manager one day, then this is just the job for you.


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