Contact centre or call centre managers are responsible for so much more than just ensuring that their teams make targets. They are responsible for the call centre as a whole, which means their job could become very stressful if they aren’t properly trained or if they don’t have the experience or the passion required for the job.

For an inside look into a day in the life of a contact centre manager, we have put together a short infographic that you can save and refer back to when doing research on this career path:


A day in the life of a contact centre manager infographic

Please note that the information in this infographic is just a guideline – not all call centres are operated in the same way.

For example:

The infographic above is based on a call centre that operates during normal office hours. If you decide to work in call centre management, however, you may at some point find yourself working in a 24-hour call centre environment, where you may be required to work shifts.


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