Oxbridge Academy is proud to award the Oxbridge Academy Family Student Award to the More family from Durban in recognition of their excellent academic achievements.

Ursula, Belynda, and Derek More all recently completed the OHS diploma course (which has now been replaced by the Certificate: Advanced OHS Management course). We spoke to Ursula More about why her family chose to study together and why family support is important when it comes to studying.

A family that studies together grows together

Ursula’s husband, Derek, runs a security company in Durban. Derek also does health and safety inspections for his clients, however, which is why he wanted to study this particular course through Oxbridge Academy. “My husband wanted to do the Health and Safety course,” Ursula told us, “so my daughter and I decided to do it with him.”

Although Ursula and her daughter enrolled for the course to support Ursula’s husband, who had to study while running a business, Ursula’s daughter also wanted the certificate to help her own career. Belynda More currently works as an au pair, and according to Ursula, “Looking after little ones, she has a better insight in terms of health and safety now.”

The More family did not only support one another while studying, but, through that support, also managed to grow their careers.

How studying with someone helps

Studying together helped the More family complete their courses in record time. “We did it quicker than it was meant to be done,” says Ursula, “just short of a year”. This was largely due to the fact that they could help one another, both in terms of understanding the work and in maintaining discipline when it came to studying.

“We would sit every evening for about an hour and go through the work together and work through it,” Ursula told us. And whenever someone didn’t understand something, there would always be someone around who understood the work and could help.

Finding someone to support you during your studies is very important, according to Ursula. “You should get a mentor or somebody who can help you when you get stuck with the work,” she says. To distance learning students who study by themselves, she also gives the following advice: “You need to make sure you are organised. Study the same time each evening. Make sure there are no distractions.”

Why the More family chose Oxbridge Academy

At Oxbridge Academy, we always strive to give our students as much support as possible when they study, but to the More family, it was the content of our courses that drew them in. “We looked at the courses that the college offers,” Ursula says, “and Oxbridge’s was the most comprehensive we could find. It covered all the subjects that we needed covered.”

With financial assistance provided by the Oxbridge Academy Family Student Award, Belynda More is now looking to start her childcare course in January.

Oxbridge Academy makes studying together easy

At Oxbridge Academy, we like to think of ourselves as a family, with our students forming an important part of that family. But we also want to encourage our students to study with a good support structure at home, which is why we offer a 10% course fee reduction to family members who want to enrol together. You can learn more about this here.

As the More family has shown: a family that studies together grows together. So, once more, we would like to congratulate Ursula and her family and thank them for being such exemplary Oxbridge Academy students!