If you are not academically exhausted after matriculation, register for a short course during your gap year. By doing this, you’ll get accustomed to the more demanding, independent nature of tertiary study without taking on a full course load. Begin your first year a few credits ahead of schedule and provide more leeway in planning your future course schedules.

What is a gap year?

Simply put, a gap year is a period between high school and university when students transition from traditional academic classroom studies to experiential learning, which often includes travel. A gap year can last between a few months and a full year (rarely more). Ultimately, how long it is, depends on you. Taking a year off can be a beneficial experience if the time is used constructively.

What is a short course/short learning programme?

It is all in the name. These certificate courses can take between a couple of days to a few months to complete. Short learning programmes are generally completed in 6 – 8 months at distance-learning colleges like Oxbridge Academy. However, you can complete them in much less time than that. It all depends on your own pace of study.

See it as testing the waters

Some students are confident in their chosen degrees and future careers, while others are not. The latter group will benefit from undertaking short courses as they offer a convenient and cost-effective way to test your interests and give yourself the best chance of deciding which study direction you want to pursue.

Learn practical skills

For the most part, university courses focus on in-depth theory, while short learning programmes focus on both the practical and theoretical aspects. Enrolling in a short learning programme is beneficial if you decide to work before pursuing a university degree or if you want to develop your professional abilities before you earn your degree. Taking a short course will allow you to upskill in a short period.

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