March is Human Rights Month, so it’s the perfect time to show that you care about your community and about standing up for human rights. If you’re a caring person, then how about considering a career where you take care of the most important people in society — our children. 

Over the past few years, South Africa has invested heavily in improving the quality of Early Childhood Development (ECD). This is because the first few years of a child’s life have been identified as crucial for laying the foundations needed for overall health and wellbeing throughout life. So much so that South Africa’s government is now in the process of tabling a bill that will make the two years of education before Grade 1 compulsory. This presents fantastic career opportunities for people who study childhood development, as the demand for ECD practitioners increases.

Why is ECD so important?

The early years of a child’s life (between 0-8 years of age) are when the brain develops the fastest and when it is most receptive to changes. So, this is the best opportunity to lay the foundations for social and psychological wellbeing.

In order for children to develop to their full potential, they need:

  •  A stable, caring environment at home
  •  A nutritious diet
  •  Interactions that stimulate psychological growth
  •  Interactions that develop motor skills
  •  Access to an education that meets the appropriate standards

All of these factors fall under the definition of “nurturing care”, which caregivers, governments, communities and ECD practitioners should all work together to achieve.

In addition, effective ECD goes well beyond only ensuring the wellbeing of a child. According to the World Health Organization, investing in ECD is “one of the most efficient and effective ways to help eliminate extreme poverty and inequality, boost shared prosperity, and create the human capital needed for economies to diversify and grow”.

How can you make caring for children a career?

From reading the above, you should now be aware that there is a crucial need for people who work in ECD. There are a significant number of job opportunities available in the field already, and the demand for ECD practitioners is only going to increase in the future.

So if caring about children is close to your heart, then you should consider studying a National Certificate in Educare.

Here are some reasons why:

  • You’ll be safe in the knowledge that there will be a good chance of finding a job once you’ve completed your studies.
  • You’ll be passionate about you’re studying and you’ll enjoy working in the field once you find a job.
  • Once you’ve found a job, you’ll be playing a crucial role in your community and the country as a whole.
  • There are opportunities for growth in the field, including the chance to open your own ECD centre.

Working in the ECD space can be highly rewarding. And if you’re considering this career, then we applaud you, the world needs more people like you!

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