For the last few months, we’ve been sharing some awesome study tip doodles on our Instagram page — hand-drawn by one of our employees at Oxbridge Academy. Not only are they super helpful, but they are fun to look at, too! So go ahead and scroll through:

It’s always about the big picture:

Learn the general concepts first, before you start studying the details

Sharpen that pencil:

Make summaries of your work - writing information in your own words will help you retain it

Be the hero of your own story:

Turning the details you need to remember into a story will help make the information more meaningful to you

Where words fail, music speaks:

Listening to classical music or jazz on a low volume can relieve the boredom of studying

Nothing worth having comes easy:

Have a goal for each study section

Follow your heart — but take your brain with you:

Make mind maps - they really work

A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind:

Study in a clean, quiet, and organised space

Eliminate distractions:

Switch your cell phone off when sitting down to study

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