Adding coursework to an already packed work schedule and personal life might seem overwhelming, especially for busy parents. It is possible to earn a certificate in the field of your choice while keeping your job without becoming a stranger to your family. Oxbridge Academy offers distance learning courses that give students the freedom to study according to their schedules, enabling them to easily fit their studies around work and family commitments and minimise stress. Here are a few helpful guidelines you can follow to find balance:

Choose a course aligned with your lifestyle

Avoid courses that will put a strain on you as a working parent. Inevitably you will run the risk of experiencing mental burnout while trying to complete a course you do not have the time or energy for. This is why a distance learning course is more suitable for someone with a busy lifestyle. Distance learning presents students with a flexible alternative to traditional classroom-based education.

Don’t underestimate the importance of support

The biggest mistake people make when trying to balance work, family time, and studies is believing they must do it alone. Asking for help does not imply that you are failing. It is an essential factor in achieving success. No one person can be all-knowing in any situation. Having a supportive network of family, friends, and mentors can make a huge difference in terms of motivation, guidance, and resources. This network will provide you with a variety of insights, generating new perspectives on how to address challenges you might never have thought of otherwise.

Make study a family activity

An innovative way to create a peaceful study environment is to get your kids to do their own “study time” simultaneously. Set up a table of activities for the younger children near your desk and give them a colouring book and pencils. Older children can do their homework at the same time. In doing so, you will spend time with your family while you complete your assignments. It will also encourage your children to stay focused on their own tasks and learn to be independent while they are studying.

Keep your goals in mind

Remember why you are working to balance your job, family time and studies. From upskilling to achieving a higher earning potential to career growth, everyone has their own motivations for returning to college. Whatever your own motivation, always keep it in mind so that you never lose sight of your goals.