Studying while having a full-time job can be demanding. However, this is a challenge you can easily overcome by enrolling at Oxbridge Academy: the college that takes the distance out of distance learning. We have over 25 years of experience helping students achieve academic success, and we thought we should share some tips to help you find a healthy balance between full-time work and part-time studies.

Keep your employer in the loop

While your employers only need to know some details of your educational journey, it is good to inform them about your plan to study while working for them. Communicate openly and honestly about how you’re handling everything. Most employers will be supportive if you keep them up-to-date about important deadlines: like examination dates. Talking to your employer might even reveal available funding for employees who want to continue their education! 

Plan ahead

After you have spoken to your employer and registered for your course, the next step should be to create a study plan. Remember, your coursework requires your undivided attention. Avoid cramming for your exams and writing essays at the last minute. Studying in short periods with breaks in between will help you stay focused, and turning off social media will help you avoid procrastinating. You will finish your coursework faster if you use snacks as incentives and eliminate distractions. Your study plan should contain adequate rest periods between work and study activities.

Choose your sacrifice

Instead of watching an hour of television, spend that time studying. Spend 40 minutes going over study concepts rather than 40 minutes on social media. Don’t sacrifice activities essential to a healthy work-life balance, such as spending time with your family or working out. Instead, give up the things that solely have an impact on you.

Education is the most powerful investment in our future! So, complete the accompanying enquiry form next to this blog and take the first step towards effortless excellence in education.