Author: Mia Arderne

Choose Your Childcare Career Path

As a childcare professional, you will spend your days teaching children how to sit, crawl, walk, talk, draw and count. Childcare professionals have a huge impact on a child’s life as they shape young minds in the foundation phase. If you are a patient and nurturing person who loves kids, this might be the perfect career for you.   Working with children can be a joyful and rewarding experience. If you’re starting your childcare career, there are various routes you can take. We’ve outlined three main career areas in the childcare field to help clarify your options:   1...

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4 Signs it’s Time to Reinvent Your Life

With will power, planning, discipline and some courage, changing the direction of your professional life is possible, but not always easy. The urge to reinvent your life can be a strong one if you’re unhappy with your current routine and position. So we’ve put together a list of 4 signs that could indicate it’s time for a serious change.   1. You feel stuck Do you feel trapped doing what you do every day? If you’re feeling like you’ve stagnated in your job, this may be a sign that things need to evolve. A big part of job satisfaction...

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What is the Difference Between Matric and Technical Matric?

The key to your future is education, and it’s never too late to get yours. If you’d like to study and you haven’t completed Matric, then you may be interested in completing your Technical Matric. According to Oxbridge Academy, a Technical Matric is “an N3-level national qualification that offers a more practical alternative to the National Senior Certificate (Grade 12).”   There are a few important differences between Matric and Technical Matric. These differences will be explained below:   The vocational focus The main difference between Matric and Technical Matric is the vocational focus. A Technical Matric provides career-specific...

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How to Deal with Changing Expectations at Work

As you learn, develop and progress professionally in any workplace, there will come a time where what is expected of you may start to change. This is not a bad thing, as it can lead to new opportunities. The trick is to be adaptable enough to manage the change and to make the transition as smooth as possible.   Don’t cling to your comfort zone Dealing well with changing expectations means being adaptable, being flexible and having a willingness to learn. There’s a lot you can learn on the job. Your co-workers in their different roles have valuable knowledge...

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One Does Not Simply Start a Business

The thrill of starting your own business should excite you. The world needs new entrepreneurs, particularly sustainable ones. But before you take the plunge, there are a few important questions to ask yourself. Some are practical and some are personal. Before launching your big idea and throwing your heart and soul into it, you might want to give some thought to the following:   1. Where will your capital come from? Do you have enough cash saved up for capital or a funding plan for your initial costs? What you might not know is that there are many ways...

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