Author: Melissa Roux

22 Things You Can Do with an Accounting Qualification

So you’ve spent the past few years studying accounting, but realised that you don’t want to work as an accountant? Or you’ve been agonising over what to study, and you can’t decide whether accounting is the right choice for you? You may be glad to know that financial skills, and accounting skills in particular, give you a solid foundation on which to build a career, not only in the financial field, but also in a variety of related fields. Therefore, whether you want to work as an accountant or not, your accounting skills will always come in useful.  ...

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5 of the Top Career Choices in HR

Human resource management, often referred to as HR, is a competitive career choice. There are many job opportunities, but there are also many candidates. Since there are many different areas to specialise in, however, you can set yourself apart from the competition by choosing an area of specialisation that suits your skills and interests.   Have a look at the following top 5 HR career choices and find one that suits you: 1. HR Information Systems Specialist The role of technology in HR is growing, which means that the demand for HR IT Specialists is increasing. An HR Information...

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