Author: Marcelle De Kock

Lifehacks Every Personal Assistant Should Know

If you work as a personal assistant, you’ll know that some days are much busier than others and that each brings with it a special combination of challenges. Some days, you will be able to get a lot of administrative work done in peace, while other days, you will need to juggle several meetings and coffee-runs with tiny (and sometimes annoying) problems that need your immediate attention. Here are some things that I’ve learnt in my two and a half years as a personal assistant that would have changed my life had I known them sooner:   1. Oh,...

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Stay Safe this Winter

Winter brings with it cold, dark, and wet conditions. Although South Africa’s weather conditions are not usually very extreme, the weather conditions do bring some danger because of their nature. Here are a few useful tips that will enable you to take your personal safety into your own hands:   Be seen in the dark Wear reflective clothing The sun rises later and sets earlier, which means that you might need to walk to and from work in the dark. This can be dangerous, especially when crossing roads. Although cars’ headlights are supposed to be switched on when it’s...

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