Author: Lauren Frost

How Top Performers Schedule Their Days

You might be surprised to learn that many successful professionals follow the same patterns and make similar lifestyle choices. With their busy schedules, top achievers generally prefer to have a set routine that works for them, as it allows them to fit most of their activities into their daily schedules. Read on to discover the top 5 things top performers do in their everyday routines, and how you can adjust your schedule to fit these things into your routine, too.   1 – They have a morning routine: Oprah Winfrey tells Huffington Post that she enjoys her 20 minutes...

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6 Things That Will Help You Succeed as a Journalism and Media Student

Students who want to study journalism and media know that this field of study requires creativity and good writing abilities. However, what many students don’t realise is that it takes far more than strong writing skills and a dash of creativity to succeed as a journalist.   As someone who has always had a passion for writing, I often thought about pursuing a career in journalism and media studies. I even remember asking a well-known sports writer what it takes to succeed in this competitive industry. His response confused me more than what it helped me. All he said...

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How to Start Your Own ECD Centre in South Africa

All parents want to know that their children are safe and properly cared for while they are at work, and that their children are given the opportunity to grow and develop in a healthy manner. Parents also want to know that the people who will be looking after their children are properly trained and that they have the necessary skills to look after and teach the children.   It is therefore important for everyone who is interested in starting an ECD (Early Childhood Development) centre in South Africa to know what the rules and regulations are that need to...

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