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5 Courses for a Career that Celebrates Your Heritage

Are you proud of your heritage? Are you interested in studying towards a career that will allow you to celebrate your heritage every day? This Heritage month, we’re giving you some suggestions for distance learning courses that can get you there! Tourism South Africa’s rich cultural and natural heritage draws millions of tourists to our shores every year. If you’re proud of your country and your own heritage, then there is no better place to work than in South Africa’s thriving tourism industry. You may be able to work as a tour guide, taking tourists on journeys to experience...

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Kick-start your career in IT with Microsoft!

If you’re interested in entering the thriving field of IT, or already working in it, then what could be better for your CV than a certification from one of the world’s largest and most respected IT companies? The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) range of internationally recognised certifications could certainly boost your career in IT. Read on to find out why!   Why obtain MTA certification? Whether you’re looking to start a career in IT or you’re already an IT professional wanting to expand your skills, you’ll benefit from obtaining Microsoft certifications because:   1. They lay the basic foundations...

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Looking to Become a Public Sector Manager? South Africa Needs You

South Africa needs bright, hard-working people in the public sector – are you one of them? We are currently suffering from a shortage of public sector managers, which means that excellent opportunities lie in wait for those choosing to pursue a career in this vitally important field.   The demand for public sector managers in South Africa Tens of thousands of skilled South Africans leave our shores every year to find jobs overseas, creating skills gaps that need to be filled. Meanwhile, government departments on local, provincial and national levels are often understaffed, with important management positions left vacant....

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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Learning Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has taken the creative world by storm. This powerful image-editing programme has become a standard tool in careers such as graphic design and photography, but it can also be a highly valuable skill to have in a number of other career fields, ranging from marketing to HR management. Read on to discover how you can benefit from adding this revolutionary software to your list of skills.   1. Employers are looking for tech-savvy individuals Tech skills are, without question, the most sought-after skills in the world of work today, and demand for tech-savvy individuals will continue to...

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What Can You Do With a Financial Management Qualification?

If you’re considering a course in financial management, you’ll first want to consider what you’ll be able to do with your qualification once you graduate. Fortunately, finance is a thriving field which offers plenty of job opportunities. Read on to discover the options that will be available to you. Let’s start by exploring the demand for finance professionals in South Africa.   High demand, good pay The demand for people working in finance remains high in South Africa. Research from CareerJunction finds that finance ranks amongst the three highest-demand sectors, after business management and information technology. Many of the...

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