Author: Dale Hes

Are You Setting the Example You Want Your Employees to Follow?

When you are a leader in an organisation, you want to ensure that you walk the talk so that you can set the right example for your employees. Remember, your employees watch your every move and take their lead from you. Here are a few tips to help you, as the employer, set the example you want your employees to follow:   Demonstrate good character traits Good character traits form the foundation of everything an employer says and does. Your employees will find it easier to demonstrate good character traits when you as the employer stick to your values...

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Learn How to Navigate the Workplace

Have you ever felt like you aren’t fitting in at a new job? Or that you’re struggling to adapt to your work environment? Don’t worry; even people who have been employed for a long time may battle to adjust to changes at work. Read on to learn how to become a pro at navigating the workplace.   What will you need to deal with in the workplace? The workplace can present a number of challenges. If you’ve just started a job, then you’ll need to adapt to the workplace culture, your new responsibilities, and the people you’ll be working...

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3 Tips for Adjusting to Life as a Distance Learning Student

Distance learning doesn’t cause as much disruption to your life as going away to college and having to attend classes every day. But you will still need to make some adjustments. With this blog post, we want to help make these adjustments as easy as possible for you, so that you can make your distance learning journey a success.   Tip 1 – Creating a study schedule Once you’ve started your studies, you’ll need to fit study time into your normal schedule. This shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re studying full-time: just set aside a few hours every day...

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Introducing a star student! Kedibone Guza

29-year-old Kedibone Guza is one of Oxbridge Academy’s star students, achieving a mark of 99% for her online course! We chatted to Kedibone to find out how she enjoyed the experience of learning online, and discovered her secret to success.   Firstly, what occupation are you in? I am currently working as an intern at the Madibeng Local Municipality in Gauteng, in the Human Resources department. Which course did you study, and why? I studied the Introduction to the Occupational Health and Safety Act online course. After my course, I hope to be fully employed in the HR department,...

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Project Managers – This is Why Communication Matters More than Anything Else

Project managers often oversee large projects that involve a huge amount of money and time. With so much on the line, one small slip-up caused by a lack of communication can have massive consequences. In this blog post, we highlight several real-life examples of projects that went horribly wrong due to improper communication, and explore the overall importance of this skill for project managers.   3 projects that failed due to poor communication Learn from the mistakes made by project managers in these failed projects: The Denver International Airport, USA In 1991, the Denver International Airport in the United...

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