Author: Adriaan Odendaal

How to Use LinkedIn to Boost Your Career

If you aren’t on LinkedIn yet – or if your LinkedIn profile is just another neglected page you’ve long since forgotten about – then this blog post is here to help you get the most out of this one-of-a-kind social and professional networking site.   LinkedIn is one of the most important online resources you can use to boost your professional career. It is a social network aimed at giving you the opportunity to connect with other professionals. Individuals can market themselves, their services, or their companies. It’s also largely used to find jobs. Its importance in the modern labour...

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How to Tell if You Are in the Wrong Career

It’s easy to feel like life has just swept you along and that you didn’t end up doing what you thought you would when you were young. Because work is such a large part of our lives, such uncertainties often come down to the following question:  “Am I in the career that I was meant to be in?”  To find the answer to this important question, and to learn how you can do something about it, keep reading:   You dread going to work Each morning is a struggle. You find yourself just lying in bed, wondering, “How did...

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