Author: Adriaan Odendaal

How to Finance Your Studies [e-book]

We asked our students what the biggest obstacle is that’s holding them back from studying. The most common answer we received is that studying is a big financial problem. So we put together this free e-book called An Oxbridge Academy Guide – How to Finance Your Studies to help you find ways to finance the course of your choice and start building your career.   This e-book covers the following topics: Where to look for bursaries and scholarships How to secure bursaries and scholarships How to get a student loan How to make sure you get the most out...

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9 Differences Between a Technical Engineering Qualification and an Engineering Degree

Do you already know that you want to start a career in engineering, but you aren’t sure about what route to take? Or are you struggling to decide whether you should enrol for a technical engineering course or an engineering degree? The best way to make sure you make the correct decision is to do thorough research on your different options. Here are 9 differences that will help you compare a technical engineering qualification with an engineering degree:   1. Level of qualification The most basic difference between a university degree and a technical engineering course such as a national...

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