When you are a leader in an organisation, you want to ensure that you walk the talk so that you can set the right example for your employees. Remember, your employees watch your every move and take their lead from you. Here are a few tips to help you, as the employer, set the example you want your employees to follow:

Demonstrate good character traits

Good character traits form the foundation of everything an employer says and does. Your employees will find it easier to demonstrate good character traits when you as the employer stick to your values and traits. Not only will you be living who you say you are, but you will also be encouraging your employees to live who they say they are with greater ease.

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Collaborate with your employees

Leadership is not a one-man show. Employers provide direction, and help to carry the load of the work too. Employers who understand the importance of collaboration, shared credit, taking responsibility, and putting their team first are setting the right example. This kind of leadership can inspire employees to follow this example and to show more commitment and respect and to engage in more collaboration.

Take time to listen to your employees

While you may spend a lot of time giving instructions, and providing direction to your employees, listening to them is an important part of setting a good example. Taking the time to stop and listen to what your employees have to say shows that you value their input. This helps to promote an open communication environment in the workplace. This can also encourage employees to be proactive and to take initiative to bring things to the attention of the employer when needed.

Inspire your employees

An important part of leading your employees to greater heights is inspiring them. If you are inspired and they can see this in you, it can encourage them to be inspired too. When an employer is inspired and shows true belief in the work that is being done, employees buy into the vision and drive it forward. When you keep inspiring your employees, it can help to create a winning culture where employees feel confident about themselves and the work they are doing.

Know when to keep the mood light

Employees spend the majority of their time in the workplace and this means the environment that they work in needs to have the right balance. The work that is done in the workplace needs to be taken seriously, but sometimes it is necessary to lighten the mood. As an employer, you can do this by ensuring that employees have some downtime, can engage in fun activities at work, and can engage with one another in social settings. Not only can you get to know your employees better, but they can see you as part of the team too.

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The role of an employer is not an easy one. You are responsible for driving a vision, but also for ensuring that your employees buy into the vision and that they drive it forward with you. Don’t miss the opportunity to set the right example. Demonstrate good character traits, encourage collaboration, listen to your employees, and know when to lighten the mood.