Digital marketing is one of the most exciting career fields to work in today! Oxbridge Academy’s marketing manager Sanet Nel has more than a decade of experience in the field. She tells us more about digital marketing’s incredible potential.

Can you in describe how, in your career, you have seen the development of marketing from traditional methods to the digital space?

When I first got involved in the marketing space, the digital element had already made its mark and it was clear that this would be the future of advertising. However, not everyone was convinced, and companies that always relied on traditional methods of advertising, were reluctant to change their strategies. This is also understandable, as what they knew worked for them for so long, so why did they need to change?

The world of technology had a different plan, and soon most advertisers realised that if they didn’t have websites, social media, and PPC campaigns running, then they were losing out on a whole lot of business opportunities. So, although traditional marketing still has its place in the form of branding, the shift to online has become something no one could ignore.

The fine art was finding the balance between the two methods: having branding elements running through traditional marketing platforms, and having a digital footprint and acquiring the online leads that want more information, and, that are digitally savvy, to help you spread the word. So, in my experience, the shift from traditional to digital happened very swiftly, but that did not mean that the one was replaced by the other. Instead, a greater deal of effort was put into getting digital campaigns running, whilst finding the balance with keeping some traditional forms of marketing to establish and maintain branding.

What are the aspects you have enjoyed most about being involved in digital marketing?

The change and constant challenge! Although the basic principles of digital marketing remain the same, the way in which you execute them, constantly change. And more platforms and opportunities frequently pop up. You are never in a place where you know absolutely everything. You constantly have to upskill and gain new knowledge, or explore new platforms, in order to stay on top of things! It really is an evolving field and never boring — when you choose it as your field of expertise, you will constantly be learning new things.

What are some of the unique advantages of this type of marketing?

I would say that the biggest advantages is that you can reach anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. Digital marketing doesn’t sleep — you can speak to your audience at all hours, on various platforms. Regardless of what online platform you use, you can reach a wide audience without much effort or cost. Social media platforms, for instance, are free to use and you can promote your brand that way. However, to optimise your reach, you can invest in paid campaigns that will just boost those efforts so much further.

Thus, your options of connecting with your market and chosen audience is so much greater when using digital marketing platforms, as you will be able to connect with people who are not only interested in your product but who would also, potentially, become your customers. This is because you can set your targeting audience and then opt to show your adverts to a selected audience, increasing your chances of success.

Why would you recommend a digital marketing course to prospective students?

Learning more about digital marketing, whether you want to pursue a career in marketing or not, is always a great add-on to any skills set. The more you know about all the options available in terms of how to get products into market and how to sell them, the better you equip yourself with knowledge to add to any business. Many businesses are in need of knowledge and skills as to how to improve their brand recognition or sales; by having an understanding of digital marketing, you can most certainly add value in terms of strategy and what advertising and marketing strategies could be considered.

What are the prospects for career growth in this particular field?

The career opportunities are endless, and this is a great option for entrepreneurs. If you have a good understanding of the basics of digital marketing, you will be able to promote your business even better, and capitalise on the investments made. If you want to pursue a career in marketing, this is a great place to start, as you need to understand all the elements involved in digital marketing and be able to formulate a strategy to push any company forward.

This field is ever-evolving and now is the perfect time to gain the skills and knowledge to become an expert in the field. Remember, this is a dynamic field and new technologies are brought forward frequently, but if you understand the basics of how digital marketing works, you can adjust and evolve accordingly. If you have a flair for the creative, and want to think outside of the box to make things happen, digital marketing could be your thing!

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