If you want to learn more about studying through distance learning, then is there any better way than to hear from a student who’s doing it right now? We spoke to Educare student, Thlalefo Mocoana, to find out what a typical day is like for her, and we got some pearls of wisdom along the way.

Raised in the Free State, Thlalefo (24) has already completed her N4 Educare National Certificate and has just started her N5. She explains what a day as a distance learning student in the small town of Springfontein is like for her.

Getting the day started early!

Thlalefo says that she likes to start her day by getting a few hours of studying under the belt.

“I wake up very early, usually around 4:45AM when the house is still quiet. I make a cup of coffee and then get down to studying. I like to start the day by doing something productive, so it feels good to get some studying done first. It gives me a sense of achievement and starts my day on a good note!”

By 7AM, Thlalefo has already completed two hours of studying, and can then focus on her other daily duties.

Chores and family time

Thlalefo lives with her extended family, so her home is a busy environment. After breakfast, she completes her chores around the house and does other errands such as grocery shopping.

In the afternoon, she often goes to the library to do some more studying.

“The library is a great place to study. Apart from being quiet, it has Internet access and allows me to submit assignments or send emails to the college when I don’t understand something.”

After a couple of hours of studying in the library, Thlalefo goes back home to her family, where she helps out with whatever else needs doing before the end of the day.

Reaching for her dreams

Thlalefo says she does not come from a wealthy background, but her family is always there to support her as she reaches for her dreams.

“My parents did not have the opportunity to get an education, so they do everything they can to support their children and ensure that we can get educated.”   

After Matric, Thlalefo studied IT and worked in an admin role with the Independent Electoral Commision (IEC). But she decided that this career path wasn’t for her.

“I love children so I decided to follow my passion and chose to study Educare through distance learning. My marks in Matric weren’t that good so I did not meet the requirements for a university. But I am now progressing well.

I plan to get my National Diploma through Oxbridge Academy and then to apply for further studies in education. People should realise that there are pathways to achieve their dreams!”

Advice for other students

Thlalefo says that self-discipline and time management are extremely important.

“The college has always been there to support me and answer my questions, but at the end of the day it is up to you to be disciplined about your studies. You need to be disciplined enough to study by yourself. Time management is also very important. Submit your assignments on time and don’t leave studying for exams until the last minute. If you can do this, then you should have no problem passing your course!”

Thank you for sharing your story and wise words of advice Thlalefo! It is a pleasure to have you as a student.

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