Have you always had a great passion for food – whether preparing it, eating it, or experimenting with it? And do you have good social, organisational, and managerial skills?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’, a culinary career as a Restaurant Manager might just suit you.

Being a Restaurant Manager will require of you to be in charge of quite a variety of things on a daily basis, and this will usually include the following:

  • Inventory control

Ensuring that the produce used in the kitchen meets quality standards. You will also be in charge of ordering and managing food and supplies for the kitchen, as well as for the dining area (such as flowers for the reception area).

  • Menu development

You will be involved in selecting items for the menu, usually with the help of the chef.

  • Customer service

A big part of your job will be to ensure that the restaurant’s guests are happy with their dining experience. The dining experience includes the quality of the food, the restaurant atmosphere, and the service delivered by the waiters.

  • Employee management

You will be in charge of the hiring and firing of employees, the training of new employees, the allocation of shifts, salary management, and performance measurement. You might even have to be in charge of splitting the tip jar at the end of a shift.

  • Business management

As a Restaurant Manager, you will also be involved with the business side of things. Marketing and advertising, paying accounts, and growing the business will also be part of your responsibilities.

Working in a restaurant

The working environment

You will need to be prepared to work over weekends, during the evenings, and on public holidays, as these are often the busiest times for a restaurant. You will also need to be comfortable with the fact that you will often be the first to arrive and the last to leave the restaurant.

Other aspects of your working environment might include:

  • Spending most of your working hours on your feet.
  • Working closely with other people, including restaurant staff, guests, suppliers, and external contractors.
  • Dealing with conflict.

As you can see from the above, restaurant management is a challenging career path to follow, but also highly rewarding if you truly have a passion for everything culinary.

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