Ever wondered what it would be like to work as a manager in the tourism and hospitality industry?  We’ve got you covered. A day in the life of a hotel reservations manager is a busy experience full of interactions with different kinds of people:


Wake up and look good

For some people this comes naturally, but neatness and grooming are essential for a hotel reservations manager. Personal appearance is vital in the hospitality industry in general, too.

First thing in the morning, a hotel reservations manager will make themselves look presentable, fresh and classy before work. This will include neatly styling their hair, putting on a clean, ironed and well-fitted uniform and donning their name tag if necessary.


Handle guests with care

The hotel reservations manager has to set the example in terms of providing excellent service to guests and ensuring that they are delighted with their accommodation and experience.

From the moment the hotel reservations manager walks into work with a smile and a warm, friendly attitude to the moment s/he leaves, no guest should be left feeling neglected.

A big part of the hotel reservations manager’s day will be spent listening to guests’ queries and problems, and giving them assistance, information and solutions in a courteous and attentive way. Of course, unreasonable guests will form part of the job, and it’s up to the hotel reservations manager to handle them with grace.


Meetings, meetings, meetings

The hotel reservations manager operates within a team and has to attend regular meetings regarding strategy and revenue.

The day will not be complete without strategic conversations with other managers, employees, and departments such as sales and marketing. Topics of discussion at these meetings may range from group corporate bookings and VIP clients to new rates and reservations policies and procedures. The hotel reservations manager will contribute feedback on booking pace, trends and competitors while suggesting changes based on these insights. When necessary, the manager will also report on any suspicious activity or unsafe conditions.


Organise, review and schedule

The day will definitely include administrative tasks. A hotel reservations manager draws up invoices and schedules, maintains files and keeps track of dates. At some point in the day, the manager will review the reservations logbook and monitor things like daily arrivals, late cancellations and no-shows. Keeping an organised filing system is the key to having all the documentation, requests and reports up-to-date.

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Provide leadership to a team

A day in the life of a hotel reservations manager may also include training, coaching and mentoring hotel staff and sales agents.

Leading a team means doing performance reviews, monitoring how agents communicate with guests and callers, and ensuring that the team is delivering the best possible service. The hotel reservations manager also draws up work schedules for sales agents according to occupancy predictions.

Keeping an open line of communication with the hotel staff is an everyday task. The hotel reservations manager consistently liaises with the front office manager, travel agents and catering staff.


If you can work quickly, can handle stress and love dealing with people, you might enjoy being a hotel reservations manager.

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