What’s the difference between a regular PR officer and a successful PR officer? PR officers are responsible for managing the reputation of their clients and influencing public opinion through the media. Successful PR officers, however, go the extra mile and do the following eight things differently:


1. They practise their craft

PR officers need to ensure that their point comes across clearly and that their writing is compelling and articulate. So successful PR officers practice different kinds of writing. This can include writing articles, having a blog, or keeping a journal. Consistently writing helps keep their writing voice and technique strong. Refining a craft also means learning from others, so the best PR officers read the work of other writers and learn from their techniques to improve on style.


2. They cultivate strong relationships

Relationship-building is a vital part of any PR officer’s job. As the protectors of their clients’ public images, successful PR officers take the time to develop meaningful relationships with their clients. Having a strong relationship with a client means working with that client; discussing ideas, opinions and suggestions with them in order to truly cater for their specific needs.


3. They stay ahead of the curve

Successful PR officers remain forever curious, and they continue learning. In the changing industry of public relations, it’s best to stay ahead of the curve and to absorb everything you can. A good way to keep your skills up-to-date is to further your education through public relations courses. Online or distance learning can help you do this while you work.


4. They master social media

Social media is ideal for finding story ideas, knowing the latest trends, following topical Twitter dialogues and finding interesting sources. The most successful PR officers are part of this global conversation; they have their finger on the pulse. They know a bit about social media monitoring and they learn how to make social media channels (old and new) work for them.


Successful PR officers master social media


5. They stay on top of the news

The best PR officers eat, sleep and breathe the news. Whether it’s online, in the newspaper, on Twitter, on television or on the radio, successful PR officers are always in the know about current events. This knowledge helps them position their campaigns in the smartest, most informed ways.


6. They customise their pitches

Any good PR officer aligns their pitch to a specific platform or publication. They do enough research to effectively tailor their story to their audience. This means knowing the relevant publications in the media and crafting pitches carefully and deliberately.


7. They check, re-check, and check again

Successful PR officers have an eye for detail. They are meticulous about delivering accurate information in all their work. They re-read, fact-check and cross reference to ensure credibility not only for themselves, but for their clients too.


8. They respond and adapt quickly

Great PR officers learn to adapt, as situations can change quickly in the public relations world. They are responsive and react immediately when problems arise. They keep calm enough to come up with creative solutions to influence public perception and safeguard the success of their client. This requires coming up with ideas on the spot and handling difficult, high-pressure situations well.


Now that you know what successful PR officers do differently, do you think you could do it?

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