The first day of your new job is filled with excitement, nerves and a feeling of not quite knowing what to expect. The office environment can take some getting used to if you haven’t worked in such a set-up before. Here are some general tips on what you can expect when you walk into the office for the first time.

1. Inductions

On you first day, you can expect a warm welcome (and hopefully a cup of coffee!) from an HR officer or the HR manager. You’ll be taken on a tour of the building and be introduced to your team manager and fellow colleagues. Make sure that you make a good first impression by dressing neatly and being friendly and respectful.

2. Paperwork

Once you’ve done the tour, there will be some admin to go through. You may be given your contract to read and sign. You’ll also be given company policies to familiarise yourself with. Make sure that you go through these carefully, as they will guide you through much of what is expected from you on a daily basis.

3. New systems

It’s time to get to grips with the various systems that your company works with. You may have to learn how to apply for leave on the digital self-service system, how to use the time and attendance systems (such as biometrics or tags), and how to submit tickets to IT division. You might also be assigned a work computer and be given all your login details for things such as emails and other specialised programmes that you need to fulfil your role. You’ll find that the modern workplace revolves a lot around the use of technological systems to perform daily functions.

4. Working in a team

During your studies, you would most likely have focused on your own individual goals by working on assignments and passing your exams. In most cases, your work wouldn’t have impacted anyone else. This is very different to being in the workplace, as you will likely be required to work in a team. You’ll need to learn how to work well with your team members and collaborate with them on projects. Your team will have overarching goals that everyone needs to work towards.

5. A new social dynamic

With increased levels of collaboration and interaction, many modern workplaces are also highly social spaces. You may be interacting with a diverse range of people, some of whom you wouldn’t necessarily haven chosen to socialise with outside of the workplace. You’ll need to be able to maintain good working relationships with people of different cultures, ages, personalities or sexualities.

6. Sticking to the rules

The rules of the workplace are often stricter and more wide-ranging than what you would have experienced at school or college. In addition to things like time management and attendance, you might be expected to adhere to IT restrictions, dress codes, communication policies, health and safety policies and much more. If you cross the line in any of these areas, you might face disciplinary proceedings.

7. Taking time to adapt

Don’t feel overwhelmed if you aren’t immediately adapting to your new environment and job role. It’s natural to take a few weeks to feel comfortable and familiar with your new job. Your managers will realise this and will prefer to ease you into the role instead of putting unnecessary stress and pressure on you. Your early days at work are all about learning, asking questions and getting used to your tasks.

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