Stretching out your muscles is good for your overall health and wellness. Not only will it keep you calm during exam time, but it will also help you with your overall academic performance. It will enhance your energy levels, get your blood pumping in your body, and keep you healthy. That’s why it’s important to know which stretches you can and should perform while you are studying.


Here are 7 poses you can try in between your study sessions:


POSE 1 – The Twist

The twist is a good stretch to do to relieve some tension in the back and shoulders.


Pose 1 - The Twist


POSE 2 – Ankle to Knee Pose

If you are sitting for long periods, you may feel some tension in your lower back and shoulders, and this pose is a great way to stretch out your back. Remember to keep your foot grounded and your spine straight, and push your chest out as far as possible. Keep this pose for 15 counts.


Pose 2 - Ankle to Knee Pose


POSE 3 – Neck Stretch:

The neck stretch relieves the tension that builds up in your neck from looking at your notes or laptop for long periods of time. This stretch should be done delicately on each side, as the muscles in your neck can be very sensitive. Hold this stretch for 15 counts on each side.


Pose 3 - Neck Stretch


POSE 4: Reach for the Stars Pose

Hunching over your course material or laptop can cause some tension in the spine, lower back, and shoulder area. Try to reach both hands over your head and hold for 15 counts on each side. This pose should come easily, as it’s usually the stretch everyone does when feeling tired and stiff.


Pose 4 - Reach for the Stars Pose



POSE 5: Triceps and Arm Stretch

If you spend your study sessions writing or making notes, this is a good stretch to do to relieve some tension in the upper arms (triceps area). If you push out your chest, you will feel the stretch in the middle of your back as well, relieving tension in the spine. Try to keep this stretch for 15 counts on each side.


Pose 5 - Triceps and Arm Stretch


POSE 6: The Shoulder Pull:

The shoulder pull stretch is perfect if you are experiencing shoulder aches and you feel some tension in the neck area. Because you are probably sitting for long periods, reading, writing or working on your assignments, you don’t realise that your head has been in the same position for a long time. This often leads to stiff shoulders. Try holding this stretch for 15 or more counts on each side.


Pose 6 - The Shoulder Pull


POSE 7:  Hamstring Stretch:

Sitting for long periods can cause circulation problems, especially in your legs (pins and needles sound familiar?). To stretch your legs and get the blood flowing, you should try to do some hamstring stretches. Try holding this pose for 15 counts on each side.


Pose 7 - Hamstring Stretch


POSE 8: Stretch like a pro! (JUST KIDDING)


Stretch like a pro


Happy stretching!

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