In the world of business, the perceptions of the public are everything. With a negative public image, businesses cannot expect to attract customers or generate profits. It follows, then, that companies need people who can uphold this reputation.


If you’re looking for a highly-valued, rewarding, and interactive career, then you should consider the field of public relations (PR).


What is public relations?

PR professionals are tasked with promoting a brand and protecting the company’s reputation. They interact with members of the public and the media, through various paid and unpaid channels, including print, social media, and blogs. Most importantly, they are at the forefront of shaping how the company is viewed in the eyes of the public.


Public relations professions include:

  • PR officer
  • Spokesperson
  • Content creator
  • Social media manager
  • Community relations
  • Media relations
  • Financial relations


Why should you consider a career in public relations?

1. High demand

With the importance of a brand’s reputation, many companies place a strong focus on hiring employees who can manage their PR portfolios. The job opportunities are not restricted to any one sector – companies across all sectors, from engineering, to mining, tourism and hospitality, and the public sector, employ PR professionals. You’ll also find job opportunities within specialised PR agencies that do work for various clients.


2. Varied and creative

PR professionals often have a particularly varied range of tasks. From writing a press release to be published in a newspaper, fielding questions during a press conference, arranging social media content or working on new PR strategies; every day will offer something different and exciting. Many tasks will allow you to exercise your creative talents (such as writing or coming up with innovative ideas) on a daily basis.


3. Highly interactive

If you’re a ‘people’s person’, then you’ll enjoy the highly interactive nature of PR jobs. During work hours you may, for example, be speaking to journalists and editors to discuss ways to position your press release. You could also be speaking to your company’s clients about their customer experience or perhaps attending networking events with other people working in the industry, as well as potential clients. You job is to promote your brand as best you can, so strong social skills are a must.


4. Opportunities for growth

PR jobs offer fantastic opportunities to expand your skills and advance your career. You’ll be working with so many mediums (including social and online media, traditional media, and face-to-face interactions) and with so many different people, that you will be able to develop a holistic set of skills. Because of this variety, PR graduates have a wide range of options when choosing their career path. You may decide to seek work within a PR agency or a company’s PR department, or take a slightly different direction such as journalism or social media management.


5. Highly rewarding

PR professionals will tell you that there are few things more rewarding than seeing a PR campaign playing out the way you planned it. When you see your press release in the local newspaper, contribute to gaining new clients or gain praise for enhancing the reputation of the company, you’ll realise that all the hard work was worth it!


A closing note…

As with any job, there may be some tasks that won’t be quite so enjoyable. If your company is involved in a controversy, then you may have to be the one who faces up to some difficult questions from the media and general public. You could, however, view this as an opportunity to show that you can handle a negative situation smoothly and protect the company’s reputation.

If you’re energetic, flexible, and good at communicating (both verbally and in written form), then the rewards of this dynamic field will far outweigh the challenges.

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