Everyone has their own reasons for deciding to study. She might want to become a manager at her current workplace; he might want to rise above his current circumstances; you might want to change your career. No matter what your reason is, it is important that you stay completely focused on your studies if you want to reach your full potential.


Here are a few tips to help you stay focused on your studies:


1) Keep the end goal in mind

Always remind yourself about what you want to do with your certificate or qualification after you have completed the course. Do you want to better your chances for a promotion at work? Or do you want to gain new skills in order to change your career path completely? Picturing the end goal will keep you focused and determined to reach it.


2) Set short-term goals to keep you on track

While keeping the end goal in mind might keep you motivated, it can also seem very far away if your course has a duration of 36 months. Accomplishing small goals is a rewarding feeling, as it reminds you that you’re one step closer to achieving your end goal.  Short-term goals can include things such as completing and submitting your assignments.


3) Reward yourself

The big reward at the end of your studies is of course receiving your certificate, but it’s also important that you allow yourself to celebrate once you have reached a short-term goal. For example, you may decide to spoil yourself by taking a day off after submitting an assignment.


4) Form a study group

Try to reach out to others studying the same subject or course as you. This way, you can help each other by splitting the workload for the purposes of making summaries, quizzing each other on the coursework, and most importantly — motivating each other to stay focused. Who knows — you might even make a few friends!


5) Keep a study journal/diary

By writing down your progress and achievements, you will be able to reflect on what you have accomplished, and what you still need to accomplish with regard to your studies.


6)  Keep it visual

Place a big calendar in the room that you usually use for studying. Indicate important dates — such as when assignments are due and when exams will be taking place. Then comes the fun part! Cut a few images and inspiring quotes from magazines to represent your studying aspirations and goals visually, and stick them on the calendar to serve as a visual reminder of what it is that you want to achieve.


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Note: This article was originally published on 22 April 2015, and has been updated for relevance and accuracy.