We’ve all heard the cliché: “New Year, New You” – it’s what everybody says before the beginning of a new year. And yet, more often than not, nothing ends up changing. Why is that? Often, people set poorly thought-out New Year’s resolutions for themselves. This time, we want to help you do it right:


1. Be realistic

The more extreme you make your New Year’s resolution, the more unmanageable it could become and the less likely you might be to stick with it. Don’t be that person who breaks their New Year’s resolution before the end of January.

You know yourself. While a New Year’s resolution is meant to challenge and improve you, it doesn’t have to be something too big.


2. Reflect on the last year

What about the last year would you really like to change? Ask yourself: Where did I feel stuck? This could apply to your personal life, your career, your education, or your character.

Maybe you need to start saving money or making more time for a loved one. Perhaps you feel stuck in a job or a relationship, and you need to switch careers, take a course, or sever a toxic connection. It could be something more straightforward like quitting smoking or sugar.

Whatever it is for you, figure out what needs to change in your life by reflecting on the last year.


3. Don’t make too many resolutions

When you reflect, some of your desired changes may seem huge and you might find that there are many things you want to change. Narrow your list down to a maximum of three if you have to. But one New Year’s resolution is ideal.

Decide on a single resolution that is both possible and crucial in your life. Don’t bombard yourself with too many resolutions, as this will overwhelm you and you might end up abandoning all of them.


4. Stick it up or write it down

There are so many ways of doing this, so choose the method that works best for you and your lifestyle:

  • Make it your screensaver
  • Stick it on your bedroom wall
  • Write it in your calendar
  • Put it on your mirror<
  • Set a daily reminder on your phone


Whatever your chosen method may be, just make sure that your New Year’s resolution remains visible in your life and everyday routine.


5. Tell those who are close to you

Start speaking it into existence. Don’t keep your New Year’s resolution to yourself. Tell your close friends and family so that they can remind you, encourage you and support you. In this way, your resolution won’t feel so difficult to accomplish. When you have moments of weakness, they will be there to help push you through. But, at the end of the day, always remember you are the only person who can make your resolution happen.

A New Year’s resolution is really nothing more than a promise to yourself. So try and keep your promise to yourself in the same way you would keep a promise to someone you love. After all, you should love yourself. Make this New Year’s resolution something you need and deserve.