Putting together a support network is about getting the right people in your circle who can support you and advise you. This means putting in the work to build the right relationships and to maintain those relationships. Whether you are looking for support for studying, trying to build your own business, or social support for your personal life, here are 5 tips for building a healthy support network:


1 – Be clear on your goals

It is important that you are clear on what your goals are, and what kind of support you would require from your support network. This will help you to seek out the right people who can help you achieve your goals. You can divide your network into two categories – personal and professional. These two groups can provide different types of support to you.


2 – Find a mentor

Find a mentor who can provide guidance and help you navigate through tricky situations, and who can share their experiences with you.  A mentor can also introduce you to other influential people who can help you progress in your career. You can find a mentor in a variety of places, like network events, or you can join a mentorship programme and be matched with a mentor.


Find a mentor


3 – Reach out to family and friends

When it comes to social support, your family and friends are a great resource. Reach out to those you trust and share your goals with them and let them know what kind of support you require from them. Family and friends are great for providing you with emotional support, encouragement, and being available to listen when you need to talk. Maintain this network by keeping in touch, sharing your progress, and being open to hearing their advice.


4 – Use your interests to find people

Using your interests is a great way to meet like-minded people who share your interests. Joining clubs or volunteering at places of interest to you will help you connect with people who enjoy the same activities as you. The connections you make here can really help you keep perspective. Such people are an important part of the network and can often provide objective input and advice.


Hiking group


5 – Use your online communities

You cannot always meet the people you want to connect with face-to-face, but making use of your online platforms can make networking easier. Professional platforms like LinkedIn can help you connect with experts in your field, as well as with your professional peers. You can also use social platforms to connect and keep in touch with your network. It also gives you some insight into the type of people they are and any opportunities that are available.


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Surrounding yourself with a healthy support network is beneficial for both your personal and your professional life. It gives you the opportunity to gain insight from different perspectives and allows you to learn from those who are more experienced than you are. Find people you can trust, and use resources like LinkedIn to connect with the right people. Remember to join groups and meet new people, and find a mentor who will give you guidance and support to achieve your goals.


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