Distance learning offers you the advantage of being able to study from home, but it also means that you’ll need to find people to support you when you’re struggling with your studies. Oxbridge Academy is ready to give you 5-star support throughout your distance learning journey!

Let’s look at the importance of being supported in your studies, and how you can rely on us to be with you every step of the way.


The need for support during distance learning

Distance learning is affordable, convenient, and flexible. But it also requires motivation and self-discipline. Unlike studying at a face-to-face learning institution, you will not be seeing fellow students and lecturers on a daily basis. So where do you turn to when you have questions about your course, or when you’re struggling to find the motivation to sit down and study? Everyone needs some support once in a while.

Fortunately, reputable distance learning colleges such as Oxbridge Academy realise this, and will have various support structures in place to assist you.


What support structures are in place for you?

Student Advisors

Your first contact with Oxbridge Academy will probably be through a Student Advisor. Student Advisors are ready to answer any questions you may have when you want to register for a course. They will be able to tell you what the course involves, the overall costs, and details related to your study materials. You can turn to your Student Advisor when you have questions during your studies – they will put you in touch with the right people at Oxbridge Academy.


Academic Student Support

As the name suggests, the Academic Student Support team is specifically tasked with assisting students when they need advice, guidance, and support. Students can email general or administrative queries to support@oxbridgeacademy.edu.za and a Student Support Representative will respond within 48 hours. Questions that are specific to coursework (such as study material or assignment queries) can be emailed to assessor@oxbridgeacademy.edu.za. You can also phone Oxbridge Academy on 021 1100 200.

Remember that your questions don’t have to be specifically about your coursework or studies – they can also relate to basic career advice and studying tips.



When you have queries related to assignments or course material, the student support team will forward your questions to one of Oxbridge Academy’s expert tutors. These tutors will be able to provide answers to you within 48 working hours.


Social media channels

Oxbridge Academy has staff dedicated to responding to enquiries made via Facebook and WhatsApp. If you’re a student, remember to “Like” the Oxbridge Academy Facebook page – and send us a message when you have a query. You can also add Oxbridge Academy on WhatsApp by saving 063 951 8200 as a contact on your phone.

You can also use the Oxbridge Academy Facebook page to post requests about forming a study group with students studying the same course as you, or for connecting with people who have already completed your course.


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