It’s easy to become swept up by the storm of bad news surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. So in this blog article, we’re steering away from the doom and gloom. We’re bringing you a few positive developments that have emerged in this time of crisis.

Communities come together like never before

The lockdown has had a huge impact on people’s livelihoods. This is especially true for people living in impoverished areas. The crisis has given rise to an unprecedented show of community support. People are banding together to assist the most disadvantaged members of society. In Cape Town, for example, collective action networks sprung up in more than 70 suburbs. These networks have seen communities reaching across the social divide to provide food, sanitizers and various other essentials to people in need. NGOs have also been a remarkable contributor to these causes. These initiatives are a reminder that when communities are struggling, South Africans show remarkable compassion and a desire to help the most vulnerable members of society.

South African company creates ground-breaking Covid-19 test

Local company CapeBio made a massive breakthrough in leading the fight against the virus. They developed a Covid-19 testing kit that is able to produce results in less than half the time of other tests. The kit gives a result in just over an hour, compared to an average of around three hours for other tests. With effective testing being crucial to the fight against Covid-19, South African companies are taking on the challenge!

Mother Earth heals during Covid-19

With reduced economic activity around the world, our earth has been able to take a much-needed breather. Various studies from several countries have found that levels of air pollution have dropped significantly in a number of regions. In fact, NASA has found that in many cities, air pollution has dropped by between 20% and 30%.  On top of this, it is has been predicted that carbon dioxide emissions will drop by 5% this year, slowing the pace of global warming. These improvements are likely to only be temporary. But they have given scientists a priceless opportunity to discover more about how human activity, or a lack of it, affects air quality levels.

The digital revolution is being accelerated

Covid-19 has brought about a fast pace of change in the digital space. Companies have had to quickly turn to technology to allow employees to work remotely. Or to fulfil functions that were previously done manually. Even governments are now embracing virtual meetings, while international gatherings of heads of states are also being held in the virtual space. Meanwhile, individuals are discovering the power of technology more than ever before. From being able to hold video calls with family and friends, turning to distance education or discovering new hobbies on YouTube, there is no doubt that the digital revolution is flourishing.

We will be much better prepared for the future

The coronavirus pandemic took us all off guard. This has given us an opportunity to be better prepared for similar future events. The pandemic will undoubtedly lead to improvements in healthcare systems, education models, workplace safety, social security mechanisms and transport, amongst others. From this crisis, our generation is learning some of the biggest lessons we have ever had to learn. And this will help us to protect the generations of the future.