Being a distance learning student has great benefits, such as the convenience of studying at your own pace (and in your own time), the affordability, and the opportunity to work and study at the same time. Whether you currently are, or are considering to become, a distance learning student, you need to consider whether you will be able to succeed at your studies.

Have a look at these 5 habits that successful distance learning students have in common:

1)  They surround themselves with the right people

Successful distance learning students surround themselves with people who will motivate, support, and encourage them during their studies. Their support networks might consist of positive and supportive friends, family members, and even fellow distance learning students.

2)  They focus on the future

In other words, they don’t allow past failures to hold them back. They focus on where they want to be and what they want to achieve in life. Distance learning students often have a list of other responsibilities in addition to their studies, and by choosing to study, they are adding another item to the list, but for good reason. They have dreams, and nothing will stop them from achieving the end goal.

3)  They are motivated (rather than discouraged) by criticism and setbacks

Successful distance learning students are always positive. A failed assignment only encourages them to do better in the next one. They also know that practice makes perfect — if a concept doesn’t make sense at first, they study it again and again until they grasp it. They see challenges as opportunities to learn and to grow as individuals.

4)  They are open-minded

They acknowledge that there might be more than one solution to a particular problem. They think creatively and challenge themselves to be different from the norm.

5)  They don’t complain

If a situation can’t be changed, they adapt and deal with it. They know that complaining about something will only add to the weight on one’s shoulders, and realise that it is best to stay positive and to accept the situation for what it is.

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