Are you proud of your heritage? Are you interested in studying towards a career that will allow you to celebrate your heritage every day? This Heritage month, we’re giving you some suggestions for distance learning courses that can get you there!


South Africa’s rich cultural and natural heritage draws millions of tourists to our shores every year. If you’re proud of your country and your own heritage, then there is no better place to work than in South Africa’s thriving tourism industry. You may be able to work as a tour guide, taking tourists on journeys to experience the unique and wonderful aspects of your culture, or as an employee at a tourism office, promoting the top heritage attractions in the area. If this sounds good to you, consider a national qualification in tourism.


Public Sector Management

Certain positions within government will allow you to play a significant role in promoting your heritage. National, provincial and local governments all have departments tasked with protecting and promoting culture and heritage. Working within these departments, your tasks could include safeguarding heritage sites, helping to implement new cultural programmes, or arranging events. The public sector plays the single most important role in ensuring that heritage is preserved. Have a look at these public sector management courses.


Business Management

Starting your own business gives you some freedom in deciding which field you want to work in. If you’re passionate about your heritage, then there are numerous ways to celebrate it through your business. You could start an arts and crafts business showcasing traditional artwork, or establish an entertainment company specialising in cultural events, or get your own small tourism business up and running. The options are endless. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, then a national qualification in business management is perfect for you.


Journalism and Media Studies

Being a journalist doesn’t have to mean covering stories about crime, politics and current affairs. You could also decide that you want to become a journalist who specialises in stories related to culture and heritage. Magazine journalism, in particular, offers excellent opportunities to write entertaining, informative stories that revolve around something you’re passionate about. Blogging could also be a great option, giving you the freedom to write heritage-based stories. The best thing about these careers is that you’ll often be visiting some remarkable people and places to fully immerse yourself in their heritage. You could dust off your skills with the Journalism and Media Studies Skills Certificate.


Marketing Management

Marketing teams work within all sectors, including companies which operate in the areas of tourism, culture and heritage. As a marketer, you will be responsible for promoting your company’s products or services, which – if you’re able to find a position at the right company – could be strongly linked to heritage. Travel agencies and cultural preservation organisations are two examples of workplaces where you might be able to apply your heritage interests on a daily basis. Pursue a marketing management national qualification.


Your heritage is a central part of who you are as a person. Most people are proud of and passionate about their cultures, origins and backgrounds. You can harness this passion to follow a career path that you’ll enjoy!


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