In our everyday lives, the majority of our time is spent dealing with people, meaning we are constantly communicating, whether we are aware of it or not. We send out unspoken signals that other people interpret, and this can either help or hinder our success. This is why it is important to always monitor body language.


So here are 5 body language tips that can help set you up for success in business and in life:


1. Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact when you communicate with people is extremely important. It tells the other person that you are interested and engaged in what they are saying. It also conveys confidence and helps you to build trust.

2. Facial Expression

Your facial expressions support what you are you are saying, and they also express how you feel about what you are hearing. Ensure that you present a friendly facial expression with a smile when meeting new people. This will make the other person and yourself feel more comfortable and at ease. A friendly expression also makes you more approachable.


3. Handshake

The great thing about handshakes is that they are appropriate in many situations and are considered a polite gesture. Ensure that your handshake is not too limp and also not too firm. Handshakes also go hand-in-hand with appropriate physical contact. Shaking hands brings two strangers closer together and is a great way to establish a connection and create a welcoming first impression.


4. Posture

Before people meet you, they may see you walk into a room or find you sitting down. What your posture is like in that situation already gives them an indication of what type of person you are. Slumping and slouching may create the impression that you are uninterested or lazy. So, sit or stand up straight, and keep your head up. This will help you look confident.


5. Gestures

The gestures you make while talking or listening can say a lot more about you than you think. Sometimes your gestures can reveal the truth about how you truly feel about something you are either saying or hearing. While using some gestures when communicating is important and helps you look less rigid and more confident, beware of gestures like fidgeting and tapping your feet, as these make you look nervous. Other gestures to be aware of are crossing your arms and turning your body away from the other person, which make you look closed off.


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Body language is a powerful tool that can change how people see you and that can affect your success in either a positive or negative way. Using good body language like making eye contact, having good posture, and using your gestures the correct way can help you in a variety of situations, such as job interviews, presentations, and making friends. Good body language can be practised and mastered and can help you enjoy great success in both your personal and professional life.


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