Office Administrators are often described as the backbones of the organisations they work at. They cater to the needs of staff members, support those who rely on their unique skill sets, and ensure that seamless communication takes place throughout the workplace.

Pursuing a successful career as an Office Administrator requires you to be skilled in:

  • Performing administrative tasks, such as office management and the co-ordination of meetings
  • Performing secretarial tasks, such as preparing contracts and proofreading documents
  • Performing customer service tasks, such as solving problems and responding to queries
  • Performing supervisory tasks, such as overseeing clerical personnel and co-ordinating departmental procedures
  • Using various computer programs

In addition to the above, you can follow these 4 tips if you really want to excel in your career as an Office Administrator:

1)      Know the office

An Office Administrator who is familiar with what’s happening in every department in an organisation is one who is doing his or her job well.

Being quickly able to direct clients or staff to the correct department for assistance with their queries will ensure efficiency, and will help you to create a great impression with both internal and external stakeholders.

2)      Be pro-active

Being pro-active is a key factor contributing not only to your job performance, but also to your ultimate success in your career as an Office Administrator.

If you’re experiencing a slow day at work, and you’ve managed to complete all your daily tasks ahead of schedule, do something useful, like setting up next month’s calendar appointments, or following up with clients to find out whether they will be attending any upcoming meetings.

3)      Have patience

As an Office Administrator, you probably prefer working according to a schedule and operating in an organised environment. It is, however, guaranteed that unexpected events will occur, and when they do, you need to be able to handle them in a calm and efficient manner.

When a client cancels a meeting at the last minute, for example, try to reschedule the meeting as soon as possible, and try to fill the time scheduled with something else, such as a quick catch-up session with your boss.

4)      Keep communication lines open

Schedule regular meetings with your boss — to ensure that you are up to date with his/her priorities, and to make sure that you are adequately prepared to handle any queries or requests that come your way.

Also make sure that you establish a good line of communication with the other departments and employees in the organisation. This will help to ensure that you are able to perform your role efficiently and effectively.

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