If you feel like you’re struggling with your studies, then you may think of quitting. But you should never take such a big decision lightly. Take a step back and ask yourself some questions before doing anything you might regret.

1 – What is making me want to quit?

The first thing you need to do is examine the reasons why you feel like you want to quit your studies.

You can ask yourself the following questions when trying to find these reasons:

Am I struggling to stay on top of my course material?

You may be struggling to adjust to your new life as a student. Even if you’re studying through distance learning, you will need to be prepared to make some adjustments. You’ll need to manage your time better, stick to a study schedule, and find ways to study effectively.

It’s common for students to feel overwhelmed by this new environment, but there a number of actions you can (and should) take before simply quitting altogether. Approach your tutors for assistance; connect with students studying the same course as you; learn some new study techniques – all of this can help you to stay on top of things or to catch up, and you may realise that you won’t need to give up after all!

We highly recommend that you read these 3 Tips for Adjusting to Life as a Distance Learning Student.

Am I enjoying my course?

When choosing a course, you should research the field of study properly, make sure you explore all the possible options out there, and assess whether the course matches your interests. Once you’ve chosen a course, you should give your studies a proper chance by studying hard and getting a better understanding of what a career in the field will involve.

If you’ve done this, but feel like the course material just isn’t in line with what you really want to do one day, then it’s probably a good idea to reconsider your options.

Fortunately, if you’re a distance learning student, it will often be easier and more cost-effective to change your study direction than if you had committed to a full-time campus-based course.

Am I struggling to afford my course?

If the college you’ve chosen allows you to pay for your course in monthly instalments, but you start to feel like your budget can’t handle the extra load, then there are ways to get around this. You could look for a part-time job to cover the extra amount. Or cut down on unnecessary expenses. With the affordable nature of distance learning, you’ll find that you won’t always have to cut down as much as you expected to make allowances for your studies.

If your circumstances really do make it impossible for you to afford your course, then certain colleges –  such as Oxbridge Academy – may allow you to put your studies on hold for a few months. Another option, if you are employed, is to ask your employer whether they would be willing to help you pay for your studies.

2 – Will I benefit from quitting my studies?

You should only quit your studies if you believe that the decision will be beneficial to your career development and personal life. If, for instance, you’ve lined up a better learning opportunity, or a life-changing opportunity has come up, then the decision to leave your current studies may be what’s best for you.

But remember that you should never quit your studies purely out of frustration. You will face frustration at certain times in all areas of life, and it’s your ability to cope with and overcome this frustration that will reap rewards for you.

3 – What is my next step?

You can’t quit your studies without a solid alternative plan in place. Make sure that you know what your next step will be. Will you be registering for another course? Have you secured a job? Without a plan in place, you’ll find yourself in a worse position than you were in before you decided to quit.

4 – Have I spoken with the people I care about?

It always helps to discuss your situation with your family and friends. They may be able to give you some good suggestions on how you can cope with your studies, and what your next move should be. Before you decide to quit, discuss all your options with the ones you care about, especially if your decisions will impact them.

When you feel like quitting, remember that perseverance and a refreshed mindset will often see you through. And even if you do end up not finishing your course, there are always opportunities to try something different!

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