A new year is often synonymous with new beginnings. We are often filled with the desire to improve ourselves, either academically, health-wise, or career-wise. We see this time of the year as the perfect opportunity to embark on new challenges and to set goals for ourselves that will see us becoming better and ultimately making huge successes of our lives.


In the spirit of shifting our lives into new directions, here are 3 important career moves to consider in 2017:

1 – Upskill yourself

If you are currently employed and looking to improve your chances of getting a promotion and earning a better salary, improving your skills may be just the trick you need to make your jump.

Employers value employees who display a drive to better themselves, and more so, they value employees who possess a variety of skills. These characteristics make for a versatile worker. Consider gaining skills that will enhance your abilities and your flexibility in your job so that you can be considered for higher positions. There are many short courses available that you could do without having to quit your job. Look into taking up online courses or studying via distance learning institutions.


2 – Start a new career

Starting a new career is a huge step that requires commitment. It is certainly not easy, and it requires a lot of planning. If you find yourself constantly staring at the clock while at work and you experience very little joy and satisfaction in your job, it is probably a good time to consider looking for something that will make you happy. When making the decision to start your new career, you need to consider the following two important points before anything else:

  • Consider your financial situation
    When looking to start a new career that will be rewarding and give you joy, it is important to take a good look at your finances. Work out a financial plan that will work for you. Should you need to take a salary lower than your current one for the perfect job, ensure that you will be able to survive and meet your financial obligations by making adjustments to your spending. Also ensure that you put together a savings plan until you are able to earn enough. After all, it will be well worth the sacrifice for the perfect job.
  • Do thorough research
    Information is power, especially when it comes to your job and your future. Before taking your leap into a new job or a new industry, do the necessary research about yourself, your needs, your interests, and the industries and companies you are looking to work in. Be honest with yourself and start looking at jobs that feed into your values, needs, skills and passions. You don’t want to leave employment where you are not happy for a new place where you will find yourself in the same situation or worse. Take your time to find the right kind of company and the right kind of position.


3 – Look for opportunities in your current job

Feeling static in your current job doesn’t mean the end and that you should pack up and leave immediately. You still have the option of trying to improve your situation. Remember, you spend most of your time at work. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that you are happy and have job satisfaction at work. So, if you are not feeling this way at work, then it’s time to schedule a meeting to talk to your employer about your skills, your goals and what would make you happy in your job. Talk about what you would like to do and find ways to get more joy out of your job. Your employer will value and appreciate you for speaking up and may find that you can make a bigger impact by moving into a role that gives you more joy.


The year is still young and there are many opportunities to explore in your world of work. Because we spend so much time at work, it is important to experience job satisfaction. Remember, timing is everything. Making moves to find your dream job and feeling happy in your work is dependent on you. Do the necessary research before taking leaps into new career paths. Stay true to who you are and ensure that the job you end up in feeds into your values and needs. This way, you are sure to end up doing what you love and feeling all the joy in your job!


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