As the year winds down and the prospect of the new year fills the air, it’s good that we all take a moment to look back at the year that was so that we can look forward to what’s to come in 2017.

While it may not be pleasant to think back on the negative things that happened in our lives, it’s a good way to learn from our mistakes, and it can only make us stronger and wiser. So go ahead and think back on your year – good and bad, and decide what you would like for the coming year.


At Oxbridge Academy, we’ve decided to take a walk down memory lane and to reflect on our year:


Oxbridge Academy highlights

It’s been a year of achievements, a year of firsts, and one of growth for Oxbridge Academy. A main highlight of 2016 that stands out among the many is the partnership between Oxbridge Academy and ADvTECH Group, South Africa’s leading private education holdings group. This partnership will allow for more growth opportunities and the expansion of the distance education offering.


Other highlights include:

  • The growth of the Oxbridge Academy family, with many new employees joining us throughout 2016
  • The launch of our first online courses
  • The fact that we now have our own Wikipedia page!


Some fun moments to look back on

We love what we do at Oxbridge Academy, and we are passionate about providing quality service and being there for all the students enrolled with us. We also know how to have fun! Our staff members shared some of their favourite fun moments in the office:

Joset said…
“My highlight for this year would have to be joining our department: Academic Student Support. It is wonderful to be able to assist our students at an academic level. It is exciting to dream about the future and all the things we want to achieve. We are looking forward to a very successful 2017.”

Denise said…
“Spring day! It was nice to walk into the other departments and see each department represented in a colour of their own. When you walked through it was as if walking into a different world, there was Candy Land (Pink), The Forest (Green), Royal Kingdom (Purple) just a few to name. We all dressed up in the colour as well and posed for photos.”


With the year now coming to an end, we are gearing up for 2017 at Oxbridge Academy, a year which promises to be one of more achievements. We are looking forward to being the go-to education institution for many more students looking to join those who have studied and succeeded through studying with Oxbridge Academy. So, with all that said, give yourself the time to look back at your year and take the positives to build your new path for 2017, and to learn from all the negatives and grow from them.


The new year is also the perfect time for you to take charge of your future. Make the moves you need to make to get to where you would like be.