For some Friday fun — here are 15 things we think you’ll be able to relate to as a distance learning student:

1. When you have to do college work… straight after coming home from work.

When you have to do college work... straight after coming home from work

2. When you thought you were too tired to study, but you get a second burst of energy!

When you thought you were too tired to study

3. When you have to go to work again the next day.

When you have to go to work again the next day

4. When you’ve just learnt something in your course about your job that your co-workers didn’t know.

When you've just learned something new

5. When people who aren’t juggling a job, family, and studies complain about being too busy and not having enough time.

Other people complaining that they don't have enough time

6. When you are trying very hard to study at home, but everyone is being noisy.

You're trying to study, but it's too noisy

7. When you finally tell everyone to be quiet because you are trying to improve your life over here.

This party's over

8. When your new textbooks arrive in the mail.

Reaction when new textbooks arrive

9. When you have to upload your assignments with slow internet connection.

Trying to upload with slow internet connection

10. When you open your e-mails and your tutors have given you good feedback.

Reaction to good feedback

11. When you open your e-mails and notice you’ve failed an assignment.

Reaction to failing an assignment

12. But are also allowed to resubmit it!

Reaction to being given a second chance

13. Which results in you passing your course!

Your reaction when you pass

14. When you finally pass your course and have so much free time on your hands after years of part-time studying!

Your reaction to having free time for a change

15. When you finally receive a promotion after getting that new qualification in your field of work.

Your distance learning course pays off and you get that promotion

We know our students here at Oxbridge Academy. We know how hard you are all working, and how much all of you deserve to be successful in the future. So from team Oxbridge Academy:

“Keep up the good work and stay awesome!”

Stay awesome

Can you think of something else that only a distance learning student would understand? Share it with the rest of us in the comments section below!