You go in to work and sit down at your desk. An e-mail pops up with an interactive PDF attachment. In the corner of your desktop, a widget reminds you of a business meeting you need to attend via Skype. And then your phone rings – it’s IT support, and they want to install new project management software on your computer. The IT technician remotely accesses your computer and your mouse zips around on your screen, controlled by someone on another continent.

These are just some of the technological changes that have revolutionised the world of work in the modern office. How many other changes have occurred that now influence how we conduct our professional lives, do business, and interact with employers, clients, and customers? Take a look at this infographic to find out:

10 ways computers have changed the world of work in the last 10 years

Get with the times by studying a computer course

Not only are computer programming, web development, and information system design great careers to go into in our increasingly digital age, but having excellent computer skills can help you advance your career regardless of whatever other profession you may be working in.

If you want to go into the IT industry, or even if you just want to expand your digital skill-set as an ahead-of-the-game professional, take a look at the computer courses Oxbridge Academy offers via distance learning:

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