Being a good events manager is not always good enough. You have to know what clients are looking for, and how to please them, if you want to make a successful career out of events management.

So, to help you do just that, here are 10 things clients look for in an events manager:

1.   Someone with interpersonal skills

Someone with interpersonal skills

Clients want someone who is friendly, sociable, and able to make a good first impression. This is not only because clients want an events manager who can make them feel at ease, but also because they know that the events manager will be a representative of theirs for the duration of the event process.

Knowing how to deal with people is essential when it comes to dealing with clients, team members, and contractors. You need to be able to handle, and work with, people who are often difficult, stressed out, or very finicky.

Plus: always being friendly and sociable will go a long way towards building a good, and lasting, relationship with your clients.

2.   Someone who knows how to communicate

Someone who knows how to communicate

Constantly working with people also means needing to be a good communicator — something that is central to this profession. Clients don’t want to be kept in the dark, or treated like a nuisance every time they ask a question. They want their events manager to be in regular communication with them so that they can rest assured that everything is going as planned.

So always remember to reply promptly to e-mails and phone calls!

3.   Someone with a network

Someone with a network

It is always impressive if you can get a celebrity to attend an event, or if you can get the best caterer in the country to cater for your client.

But having a network is not just about impressing your client with your connections. It is also about resources. A good network will also mean you can save money by getting special deals, and thus carry the savings over to your client.

4.   Someone who goes the extra mile

Someone who goes the extra mile

Your client will most likely want the best event they can get — something that will blow people away. So always aim to exceed expectations, and make every event spectacular (within budget, of course!).

Going the extra mile will set you apart from other events managers and will make people talk about your event, your client, and about you.

5.   Someone who is reliable

Someone who is reliable

Having a ‘wow factor’ is great, but when it comes down to practical matters, a client usually wants someone who is reliable and trustworthy above all else.


  • Stick within budget
  • Maintain your schedule and meet your deadlines
  • Thoroughly document and report on your planning
  • Follow through on your commitments
  • Deliver on your promises
  • Make sure everything goes according to plan

6.   Someone who is creative

Someone who is creative

Events management is a creative field. You won’t impress clients by creating a boring event. Use your creativity to do something more exciting..

Don’t just follow the same old template that everyone else uses when planning or co-ordinating an event.

7.   Someone who is thorough

Someone who is thorough

You not only need to understand your client’s needs, but also who your client is. Take the time to research your client, the particular type of event they require, the audience, and anything else that might be relevant. Don’t just plan off the cuff.

Not only will thorough research ensure that you deliver a perfectly tailored event, but it will also make your clients feel like you understand them and their business needs. This is the basis of a lasting client relationship.

8.   Someone who is up to date with the latest trends

Someone who is up to date with the latest trends

Clients want someone who is up-to-date with current trends, fashion, technology, and industry practices. Why keep doing traditional events, when you can incorporate social media, multi-media, or new event technologies?

Regarding décor, music, and entertainment, clients also want someone who they can trust to know what is currently hip, fashionable, and trendy. So make sure you keep up to date!

9.   Someone with experience

Someone with experience

Clients want to hire someone with a proven track-record. You need to have a record of successfully executed events, or at least have experience working in the industry.

This means that you have to start small, and build your way up. For example: You won’t begin with organising an international music festival — you will more likely begin by organising a small concert with local bands in your community.

It is thus important to record your events, build up a portfolio, and ask for feedback and referrals from your clients.

10.  Someone with expertise

Someone with expertise

More than any of the above, clients want someone with the right knowledge and skills to successfully plan, organise, and execute their event. They don’t want an amateur — they want someone who knows what they are doing.

Having good training won’t only give you the skills and knowledge to do your work, but also the confidence in your own skills to convince clients to trust you.

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