Twitter is regarded as a social media site, but it can also provide wonderful opportunities for learning. Some of the world’s most inspirational people share some priceless advice via the platform, which students can gain huge value from! Here are 10 of the best Twitter accounts for students to follow.

1. Richard Branson

Virgin founder, multi-billionaire, explorer and philanthropist, Richard Branson’s Twitter account is packed with interesting content. You can tap into the extraordinary brain of Branson, and discover business advice for entrepreneurs, social commentary and much more.

2. TED Talks

TED Talks is a media organisation which has taken the world by storm, posting free online talks from gamechangers in every conceivable field. Their Twitter account is a great platform for discovering content that can truly change your way of thinking and inspire you.

3. Jen Sincero

A bestselling author, success coach and motivational speaker, Jen Sincero has had huge success in helping people to change their personal and professional lives. Her Twitter account contains a wealth of motivational quotes and useful information that will keep you driven and help you to succeed at work, studies or life in general.

4. Adam Grant

An organisational psychologist and life coach, Adam Grant offers some inspiring insights and life advice in his very engaging and entertaining Twitter account. He offers life advice ranging from how to deal with difficult people, to how to boost your mind power and everything in between.

5. The Muse

The Muse focuses on providing advice to job-seekers, helping them to identify the careers that will be best for them. It also gives some interesting insights into workplace dynamics. This Twitter account is perfect for students who want to start exploring careers and preparing themselves for the modern workplace.

6. Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Ruben could be described as something of an expert on happiness. Her Twitter account has a treasure chest of advice about how you can be a happier person in every area of your life. So if you need to beat the study blues, then head to her page!

7. Motivational Quotes

Sometimes all we need is a quote that really relates to us in order to be inspired. Motivational Quotes offers a number of inspirational quotes and sayings, some of which may be perfect for you. Print them out and stick them above your desk while you’re studying in order to stay motivated!

8. Lindsey Pollak

A work expert, author, keynote speaker and mom, Lindsey Pollak retweets a number of interesting and useful content on a range of subjects. She also offers some personal pearls of wisdom from her own experiences of life, and focuses on empowering women in particular.

9. Ramit Sethi

In today’s tough economic environment, we could all use a little advice on how to earn more money! The best-selling author of I Will Teach You to Be Rich, Ramit Sethi gives his Twitter followers some great insights into how to make money and manage it, and also touches on psychology and personal success.

10. Dorie Clark

Marketing strategist and keynote speaker Dorie Clark has written a number of books on entrepreneurship, personal growth and success. Her Twitter account contains links to some of the thought-provoking and highly useful articles she had written for many of the world’s top websites.

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