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What is the Oxbridge Way?

Oxbridge Academy MD, Barend van den Berg, shares the meaning that he gives to “the Oxbridge Way”

For me, the Oxbridge Way starts with a culture of discipline. In everything we do, we make sure that we firstly get that ‘disciplined people’ methodology in place. So we recruit the correct people – people with the potential for being good leaders – and then obviously with the characteristic of working hard.

We have disciplined thought, so we make sure we think and plan everything through, and then we take disciplined action.

Another thing in the Oxbridge Way is all the values that we live. Everyone lives those values in this organisation, so they feel comfortable in their environment. And these values all, in my opinion, create the performance that we expect. Bringing the performance through in this culture will also mean that we have a very efficient and effective organisation. And that is what the Oxbridge Way is for me.

Barend van den Berg, Managing Director of Oxbridge Academy
Photo of Barend giving Breyten the employee of the year award

At its core, “the Oxbridge Way” is a guiding philosophy that shapes our approach to everything we do. Watch this video to see what the Oxbridge Academy staff had to say about the Oxbridge Way:



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